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Jason and Robyn’s Healthy High Performance modules challenged our most senior and experienced coaches. By encouraging them to examine where their coaching philosophy and tactics evolved from, our coaches gained tremendous insight—some of it uncomfortable—into their methodology. This in turn opened up a dialogue about how to best build athletes, how crucial relationships are to unlocking potential, and ultimately to discover the legacy they are leaving. With plenty of tools to either help coaches change course or enhance positive practice, everyone will leave these sessions better prepared to build environments where athletes flourish.
<em>Jay Tredway</em>
Jay Tredway
Athletic Director, Ridley College


Growing up in a culture so focused on results—namely winning—it’s no wonder that individuals today have forgotten how to engage in the necessary process of finding their own personal excellence. Throughout The High Performance Journey workshop, participants learn how to connect physically, mentally and emotionally with the process of what it takes to discover their best. More importantly, they will leave with a better understanding of how to share their learned experience with the students they teach and coach, and achieve high performance on a level they may not have considered possible.

A large part of what impedes many individuals from achieving their best is the mental and emotional messaging that they have heard throughout their lifetime and, perhaps more significantly, what they have made it mean. ‘We do the best we can with what we know’ is the foundation of our operating systems. Unfortunately, what we know—what we’ve been taught—is often limiting. Everything from our stick & carrot culture to our insatiable appetite to chase success to our tendency of defining ourselves by what we do and accomplish—all of these interfere with our ability to simply be our best.

This workshop will change your life.
<em>Faculty Member</em>
Faculty Member
Kingsway College School


The High Performance Journey is a multi-day workshop that invites participants to re-think those traditional limiting paradigms and discover a more holistic approach to inspiring greatness. The tools that are shared will support improved performance, greater engagement, higher work satisfaction, better health, positive measured results, accountability, success and a stronger culture of team and belonging.

The HHPS Team also provide keynotes and follow-up coaching (onsite and online) as strategies to support the long-term implementation of their work.

Jason and Robyn will transform the way you look at leadership. Building a relational style leadership approach is the essence of any winning team.
<em>Faculty Member</em>
Faculty Member
Ridley College


Your takeaway is a better understanding of:

1] How one’s perception of success and failure may be limiting.

2] How a clearer definition and understanding of high performance supports us in our pursuits.

3] How a process-centered approach to teaching/coaching supports our pursuit of high performance.

4] How the ‘why’ behind what we do fuels our ability to reach high performance.

5] How traditional extrinsic motivation limits our ability to ever reach our potential.

6] How intrinsic motivation supports and sustains our pursuit of high performance.

7] How goal setting that naturally aligns with our emotional hard-wiring supports high performance.

8] How optimizing emotional awareness supports our pursuit of high performance.

9] How our experience of mental toughness/ego/shame/failure adversely impacts high performance.

10] How effective inquiry, not just instructions, support high performance.

11) How celebrating ‘being’ as well as ‘doing’ sets students up for healthier transitions.

12] How compassionate communication ensures healthier relationships, supports conflict resolution and builds high performance.

13] How utilizing love to build grit and resilience supports empowerment and high performance.

14] How empathy supports the life-long pursuit of high performance.

15] How respect and trust build the foundation of the all-important student/educator/coach relationship and thus supports high performance.

16] How enhancing relational skills can support more meaningful student engagement, fulfillment, and high performance.

17] How compassionate self-care supports a educators/coach’s life-long career while ensuring optimal relationships that in turn build high-performance teams.

18] How a new personal and professional ‘Legacy Statement’ supports our commitment to high performance.

‘The High Performance Journey’ workshop was a phenomenal experience that challenged my view of who I am and who I want to be. I was not only challenged but shown how I could take a different path moving forward. This was impactful as a leadership educator, a father, and a husband.
<em>Tyler Fisher</em>
Tyler Fisher
Assistant Director Texas Christian University Leadership Center
Schools and Organizations we have worked with and/or are currently working with:

Collingwood School, West Vancouver, British Columbia

Balmoral Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Montcrest School, Toronto, Ontario

Ridley College, St. Catharines, Ontario

St. John’s-Kilmarnock School, Waterloo, Ontario

St. Mike’s School, Toronto, Ontario

Southridge School, Surrey, British Columbia

Queen Margaret’s School, Duncan, British Columbia

Kingsway College School, Etobicoke, Ontario

CAIS, Toronto, Ontario

CIS Ontario, Oakville, Ontario

West Island College, Calgary, Alberta



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