The Mission And Vision



We inspire the best from student-athletes and coaches: we help schools develop, adapt and incorporate a holistic sports philosophy that supports the health and well-being of student-athletes and coaches.


To help facilitate a national sport culture that is athlete-centric at its core.

To help develop exceptional young student-athletes through the positive and transformative life experiences that healthy sport can provide. 

To help create safe, respectful and loving environments within sport that attracts more boys and girls to engage in the many opportunities that exist within sport.


Schools and parents expect the best of our teachers in the classroom; why would we expect any less of our coaches on the playing field?


A Healthy High Performance School ™ has gone through an extensive process of evaluation, intensive interactive workshops and one-on-one coaching that supports the growth and development of their coaching staff.

It assures parents that schools with this certification take seriously the power and influence that coaches have, and the life-long impact of sports on our young children. A Healthy High Performance School ™ recognizes and utilizes sport as an extension of the classroom, whereby young student-athletes develop the skills, tools, and attitudes required for a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Their athletic programs focus on personal and team development using a holistic approach which not only first and foremost promotes the health and well-being of the student-athlete but also supports measurable high-performance results.



High Performance: offering a clear understanding of what high performance is and is not, which in turn creates more possibilities for learning and success.

Success: understanding that achieving success is not an endgame but, instead a moment in time where we improve.

Failure: utilizing adversity as an opportunity for personal growth.

Process: creating strategies that support athlete and team development.

Motivation: understanding the significance of what fuels goals and dreams as they relate to a life of chasing versus a life focused on a journey-centric approach.

Athlete Transition: ensuring athletes are set up for the realities of life after sport.

Coach/Athlete Interaction: how compassionate communication supports student-athlete development and high performance.

Grit and Resilience: inspiring grit through love and empowerment rather than compliance.

Empathy: always considering the life-long journey of the student-athlete.

Personal Boundaries: appreciating that respect and trust are earned, and ultimately build the foundation of the all-important student-athlete/coach relationship. 

Mental and Emotional Health: developing mindful practices and strategies that ensure the healthy evolution of young student-athletes.

Legacy: understanding and embracing the responsibility and privilege of coaching.


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